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Office #9 is a strategic initiative designed to respond to the challenges the advertising and marketing industries are currently facing: having to do more with less.

With the advancement of technology, fast adoption of collaboration tools and the subsequent rise in demand for content, marketers and agencies are pressured to up their productivity and output with existing resources.

Online creative environments and virtual collaboration tools are indeed particularly relevant in remote work settings, as experienced during the COVID 19 pandemic. In that context, Office #9 offers a unique people-powered collaboration platform which connects international experts and like-minded talents from around the world, using a seamless automated workflow.

Office #9 is built around two integral pillars: collaboration (people) and automation (technology). Its objective is to help eradicate the current issues within the industry, be it ever-increasing costs, acceleration of delivery deadlines or elusive audiences.

Office #9 is built around two integral pillars: collaboration (people) and automation (technology).

Office #9 eliminates all these common problems by connecting international talents in order to do what they do best – create and deliver high impact work while achieving great results in less time and at lower cost than in a traditional agency setting.

With the help of technology, Office #9 fully automates the traditional agency workflow to be seamless, efficient and above all delivering great work and fast results in multidisciplinary fields.

The platform brings together experts across verticals, delivering more services, effective results with less time and resources, providing more value to brands/clients.

Office #9 ensures a seamless workflow between partners up until the work is delivered to clients. The tools created facilitate day-to-day operations and faster communication by eliminating bottlenecks and connecting experts of relevant subject matters directly with the clients to deliver exceptional and fast results.

The new-age platform answers all the growing needs of a rapidly moving industry, with the necessity to reach more audiences faster and in multiple touchpoints. All this while maintaining high quality of work. Office #9 helps brands cope with consumers’ need for constant, new and fresh stories, extensive content generation and progressive communication techniques.